- Improved performance
- Better fuel economy
- German engineering quality
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

You can try the DTE Tuning System with Plug N Drive®, by visiting one of our national support centres*.


How long does it take to fit on my car?

Most units can be fitted in around 10 minutes and they come complete with full colour supporting instructions, email and telephone support is available 24 hours a day.

How do I know my car can take the increased performance?

Your engine and drivetrain are completely safe with a DTE System.

We have been developing and manufacturing diesel tuning systems since 1996 which are 100% proven in terms of results and reliability.

What about my vehicle insurance?

Many insurance companies do not charge extra when modifying your car with a tuning system.

Others may charge a small fee, our advice to you is to ring your insurance company for clarification before purchasing your DTE System from Plug N Drive®.

Plug N Drive® are working together with Chris Knott Insurance to offer an exclusive scheme for Plug N Drive® customers.

Please read the following news item on Insurance deals for tuned cars for further information.

What happens when I change my car?

Do you offer a system part-exchange?

In most cases the system you originally purchased can be re-programmed for your new vehicle. This service is completely free of charge.  You are also likely to require

How easy is it to fit onto my car?

All DTE Diesel Tuning Systems have been designed to be compact and easy to fit.  They are supplied complete with the correct OEM wiring loom and connectors for the vehicle application and can be installed with the minimal of mechanical ability thus making it an ideal DIY project.

Is there any warranty for the DTE Tuning Kit?

All DTE Diesel Tuning Systems from Plug N Drive® come with a 3 Year System Warranty. We also offer a 12 month engine warranty subject to our terms and conditions.

There are lots of similar products on the market, why is the DTE Tuning Kit the best?

They are the world wide leader in diesel engines tuning systems, manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standard include ISO9001 and TUV approval.  We also provide a comprehensive after sales service and a full engine warranty (subject to terms and conditions) and a 3 year system warranty. They are fully adjustable to offer you the customer the choice to choose between maximum power, or maximum economy

Do I need to maintain the DTE Tuning Kit after it is fitted?

No maintenance is needed on the Tuning Kit.

How do I test the changes in power after I have fitted the tuning system?

Your vehicle will feel quite different to drive, much more responsive and powerful, but the only way to measure the difference is to put your car on a rolling road dynamometer.

Will I need to adjust the tuning system and if I do how is that done?

The system needs no adjustment at all, and as we always say all you need to do it Plug N Drive.  As you use the system it also refines its maps to fit in with the performance characteristics of your individual engine, though this is a totally automatic process.

Why will giving my vehicle more power achieve better fuel results?

The tuning unit provides more torque through the engine particularly in the low to mid range. This allows the driver to change gear more quickly even with an automatic so as a higher gear is achieved giving better fuel economy.

Will I achieve the figures that are published?

Our published figures are generally conservative so even the underperforming or tired vehicles will achieve these figures.

Will it damage my engine?

Our units are designed to improve your performance no more than 30%. So no, this is well within the tolerances of most engines. We have never had to our knowledge an incident where our unit has been responsible for any engine or engine related problem.

Why is your diesel tuning unit better than a chip?

Our unit can be fitted in most cases in less than 30 minutes (some 10 minutes) A chip replacement can take half a day or more.

DTE Build Quality

Our engine remapping systems feature high quality injection moulded cases, high performance CPUs and original plug-in connectors made to the same quality standards as the vehicle‘s original equipment.


DTE Tractor Tuning Box Video

Drive in Service

At the Plug N Drive® regional service centres you can:

  • Try before you buy
  • Purchase face to face.
  • Talk to the Plug N Drive team.
  • Diesel Tuning technical support.


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Also Compatible with Diesel Particle Filters
Thanks to the optimised combustion of the engine, the fuel is used 100% efficiently with a reduction in smoke and soot. This also means that our technology can also be used effectively and safely in vehicles with diesel particle filters.

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